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Wireless Application


Wireless phones. Wireless handlhelds. Wireless networking. Wireless is very popular now in many business organizations. Wireless at home, traveling, Central Park, overseas. You want convenience and you want to save money.

With wireless there are no messy cables, there is freedom of movement. Flexibility. It sounds simple, but without wires, information is transmitted through the air at your own risk. There are dangers of infiltration and issues of admission control, capacity assignment, flow and error control, dynamic bandwidth control to accommodate bandwidth mismatch and/or varying processing capability.... Wireless can be complicated, but not if HTB insures that these newly popular applications are implemented safely and securely. We provide user training to teach your employees about potential vulnerabilities and we set up a stringent security process to insure that your company's intellectual property stays safe. HTB will integrate your existing applications to secure your business environment.

Using wireless without VPN (virtual private network) software and data encryption is high risk for both the user and the organization but it is still the most popular way people use their wireless devices.

Wireless sounds simple, but you need an expert to integrate it into an existing business structure. You can count on HTB for all your wireless needs.

The only backup you need is HTB.

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