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Startup and Relocation


HTB offers a complete package of implementation and design services to create a highly secure and efficient office infrastructure. As a single point of contact, we prevent planning errors that can delay your move or increase construction fees. A project manager and team will be allocated to work with your architect and contractor to ascertain that your project comes in on time and within your budget.

Services include:
Project Planning and Design Services

  • Project management throughout entire start-up process

  • Electrical and cable requirements planning

  • Computer room efficiency planning - designed to accommodate maximal growth with minimal square footage use

Installation Services

  • Network cable installation and implementation

  • Network configuration and implementation

  • Trading floor design and installation

  • Telephony solutions, including phone system selection and integration with other technologies

  • HVAC selection and installation

  • Hardware/Software procurement and set-up


HTB's solutions are always turn key. Not only do we manage project planning and design, we conduct the physical installation of all equipment and software. We ensure your business is fully operational.


Internet Connectivity

HTB can provide High speed Internet connection for small offices and businesses through Broadband Business Solutions Providers as well as Internet Service Providers.

Networking Solutions

Routing Solutions: Our complete portfolio of routing solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses help increase productivity and efficiency. Companies can seamlessly integrate multiservice data, voice and video capabilities into their networks. The routing solutions offer business-class security features such as VPN and stateful - inspection firewall, Quality of Service, manageability and availability for Small and Medium-sized businesses.

Switching Solutions: Employees must be able to collaborate and communicate to be productive in today's small and medium businesses. Having the right LAN infrastructure will ensure that people are connected for quick and secure communication. Selecting the right hardware for switching will ultimately assist businesses in cost reduction by enabling the use of wireless technology, access to real-time communication tools and IP telephony.
Network designs must take into account many factors, including the organization's overall requirements, as well as the needs of individual workgroups. The solutions presented in this section are intended to serve as general examples of how switches might be deployed in networks of various sizes.

The switches we offer are designed to simplify all aspects of network management by providing a variety of deployment and management software solutions. All of the Catalyst switches offer Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support, along with a comprehensive set tools with configuration, administration, monitoring, fault detection, troubleshooting, and remote monitoring capabilities that can all be handled through an easy-to-use interface.

Remote Access Solutions: Easy connections and consistency are crucial to companies relying on remote access. Customers, employees and partners should connect seamlessly, as if they are in company headquarters. They also must count on the ability to log in and to remain connected at an expected level of performance.
The ranks of telecommuters and mobile users are growing every day and their Unified Communications needs are expanding from ISDN and modem connections to voice and fax. Unified Communications will allow users to become less dependent on the office and to increase productivity.

Storage Networking Solutions: The Storage Networking program accelerates the deployment of storage networking solutions based on open architectures and industry standards.
Escalating storage requirements, rising management costs, and sharing information is driving the consolidation of storage resources. Efficiently pooling and scaling storage resources can reduce underutilization of disk space and rising management costs. Consolidation enables:

  • Efficient utilization of storage resources

  • Multiple system access to multiple storage devices, regardless of location

  • Consolidation of multiple low-end storage systems into centralized, high-performance systems

  • Increases in storage capacity without increasing administration resources

  • Dramatically reduced total cost of ownership


Secure Remote on Site Support

HTB Secure Remote Support is simply our specialty in providing professional help and training on the use of computers and getting problems resolved and questions answered whenever you need anytime, anywhere.

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