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Video Conferencing


HTB believes videoconferencing technology adds value to any organization by adding another facet of communication to a meeting or conversation, as well as providing vast economical advantages to the company. HTB has a full suite of videoconferencing solutions, from desktop to group systems to multipoint solutions.

  • Group Video conferencing-systems are designed to provide optimal levels of interaction for team meetings, distance training and corporate communications. This allows teams to collaborate on documents, give complete presentations, transfer files and access the internet, all while in the midst of a videoconference.

  • Desktop Video conferencing-systems bring fully functional interactive voice and video to any desktop or laptop in your organization.

  • MCU (Multipoint control unit) Streaming conferencing-systems allows users to customize and implement multipoint and streaming applications according to their specific needs within the enterprise providing solutions for multipoint videoconferencing and streaming with other advanced features enabling the largest deployment flexibility in today's market.

From PCI card kits to USB connected appliances to software-only solutions, HTB can help you find and assess the product that is right for every company.


A service where participants can talk to each other and see each other, HTB provides industry recognized multipoint video conferencing services, applications, and training to innovative leaders around the world. Our customers consist of organizations who have realized that video conferencing maintains the effectiveness of traditional face-to-face meetings, in a cost-effective, time-honored environment. Video conferencing is the perfect solution for many communication needs including training, sales presentations, company announcements, focus groups, and crisis control. HTB's experienced team is ready to help you expand the capabilities of your video conference across a variety of networks and protocols transparently allowing you to video conference with an infinite number of locations simultaneously.

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