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Network Integration


Network integration is the design, installation and support of desktop computers, fileservers, network electronics and peripherals. Network integration sustains your company’s infrastructure- everything that supports the flow and processing of information.

If you would like to improve operations efficiency and reduce demands on in-house staff, you need HTB’s network integration services. Let us do the dirty work and let your staff take care of business.

Network integration is at the heart of every successful venture.

HTB specializes in the planning and operation of information infrastructure for today’s business environment.

HTB is a single point of contact, providing total support. We offer a flawless integration of network additions along with the experience to deal with a variety of network vendors, providing the best in implementation and management support.

HTB provides setup of local and wide-area networks. HTB can design and build your entire network, including:

  • Client/Server architecture

  • Software

  • Internet and Intranet

  • Backup systems

  • Antivirus applications

  • Global or remote firewall protection

  • Configuration and networking of your PCs, laptops and printers.


HTB provides the high level of support your staff needs so that they can concentrate on their objectives and your customers.

The only backup you need is HTB.

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