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Web Design and Web Hosting


At HTB we deliver custom website design for our clients. By combining our high-end creative, deep technical experience, and tight project approach, we will design or redesign websites focused on the goals at hand while keeping future needs in mind. Because we feel responsible for the success of all projects we work on, we have experienced staff to handle your website's planning, design, development, implementation, and maintenance so that we can be sure the project gets done correctly and that it is an ongoing success.

Web Development
The internet is primarily a visual medium and your website is often the way in which your company makes its first impression on potential customers. It is important that the site is appropriate for your industry, professional and consistent with your branding and marketing. A good website design can actually improve your business by conveying professionalism, trust and reliability.

Our development team is the group that builds the tools that make our website work. Using the best tools for the job, we build e-commerce sites, Content Management Systems and a variety of other systems to make your website run as efficiently as possible. When contracting for a new site or just renovating with us, we will present the following:

  • Complete proposal with brief project plan, timeline and all costs listed upfront

  • A detailed project specification that will map out the exact steps necessary to build your site

  • Search Engine Optimized page construction to enhance cataloging and list ranking

  • Complete access to our knowledgeable staff to answer questions throughout the development stage

  • Ongoing support through our maintenance program



The HTB design approach starts with a discovery process in which we get to know your business and industry, outline goals for your site, and identify personal visual preferences. Based on this information, HTB will offer a variety of professional designs to choose from that can achieve the goals outlined. These will be revised until all parties are satisfied with the result. We will incorporate Flash animation, JavaScript, or any other dynamic elements necessary to polish the presentation and usability of the site. As the design is turned into a fully functional website, HTB ensures that page load time is at a minimum, that the site conforms to current standards and displays correctly in any browsers the client need to support.

Here are just a few examples of applications that are available to enhance your website and supplement the experience of your site's visitors:

Product Catalog
For businesses that are defined by the products they sell, having the product catalog available online is very useful resource for customers. With HTB's Product Catalog solutions, we will put your products online with a search that is optimized for your product line.

Our locator product is an ideal solution for businesses that have offices/dealers/distributors in various locations. It uses a database that will identify locations so it can quickly determine the office nearest to the city, state, or zip code that the user has specified.

Mailing List Management
The Internet has fundamentally changed the way business is conducted. Consumer and business buyers now have more information, more resources, and more choices than ever before. Permission-based email - regular communication that customers and prospects have specifically requested - can significantly enhance customer maintenance and attain strategies by enabling highly targeted communications with customers. Marketers have a better opportunity than ever before to strengthen brand relationships, shorten purchase cycles and turn buyers into loyal advocates.

HTB provides companies an industry-leading email management system for cost-effectively processing the overflow of email inquiries enterprises must now address. It incorporates flexible routing to ensure that the right agent receives the inquiry, even in complex, distributed environments.

In addition to inbound email management, HTB incorporates list and campaign management tools that make it easy for companies to keep their customers informed via outbound email.
Online customer service and support - In a web-based environment, customers expect to get information in a timely, effective and efficient way. This immediate interaction has created the need for companies to service their customers in a modern way - online. Online call centers are producing excellent results in customer satisfaction and business optimization.

If your company demands online customer service and support, HTB has the solution to provide secure, real-time support to your customers without having to go offline or leave the page you are browsing. Customers can contact you at any point during their visit and allow your customer service representative to help with product or account questions, support problems or assist the customer through the buying process.

Customers are now demanding high-speed information, problem solving and transaction processing. Organizations are realizing that they need to be accessible to their clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They require a well-constructed site that includes service and support to satisfy their customers' needs.

We feel that building a website is a continuous process. Like any part of your business, your website needs to grow and change to remain useful and applicable to your clients. There will always be a staff available for "free advice" since we take pride through our knowledge and experience.

E-commerce Solution
The ability to sell products and services online has been one of the internet's greatest assets to many business. Whether you sell to consumers, partners, distributors or a non-profit organization, HTB's E-commerce solution will quickly provide you with a new revenue stream.

Shopping cart - Whether you need to start building your store from scratch, or if you only want to make a few upgrades to your existing store, HTB has the talent and expertise to accommodate you with an e-commerce site that will give you the most personalized service to help you get a professional customized store. We make sure your website will look their best to achieve maximum sales.

Some of the features included to help your company boost sales:

Easy Navigation - customers must find it easy to navigate around your store

Easy to search for product - the chances of making a sale when it is easier for the customer to find what they want in your shop

Customer details - for repeat customers who are registered, will never have to type their info again

Tax and Shipping calculation - which gets calculated automatically

Support for Secure Transactions - supports real-time credit card payments

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