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Our Solutions

HTB offers computer and telephone integrations, business and wireless applications, administration and troubleshooting, full-time helpdesk support, remote monitoring of servers, data backup, anti-virus protection, preventative maintenance, software updates, management of third-party vendors, procurement of hardware and software, and cost savings assessments.

HighTechBackup - Core Security.

HighTech Backup Corp. provides your organization with the first line of defense against viruses and security threats that can be a result of outdated Anti-virus software and unpatched systems.

About HighTechBackup.

High Tech Backup ("HTB") specializes in providing companies with outsourced IT services to better manage their internal IT requirements. We offer a seamless, reliable approach to managing your IT systems

HighTechBackup - Services.

HTB is a long term solution for your company- A team of dedicated professionals will be by your side helping you through transitions, upgrades and providing comprehensive technological explanations.​

HighTechBackup - Partners.

We can help you assess your IT needs, make educated, economically efficient choices, provide installation, user set up and training and afford you full support throughout.

HighTechBackup - AsteriskPbx.

The right telephone system can improve the efficiency and productivity of everyone in your organization, simplify the flow of information and allow you to take advantage of the latest communications technology capabilities.​

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