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Our Services

Smart Simple Solutions In Today's Technology

High Tech Backup ("HTB") specializes in providing companies with outsourced IT services to better manage their internal IT requirements. We offer a seamless, reliable approach to managing your IT systems.

Exchange Hosting 

Work Anytime, Anywhere! Get full access to all of your e-mail folders, contacts, calendars, and files from any Microsoft Outlook or browser, from anywhere, anytime.
Up to date: Any changes made to your e-mails, contacts, calendar and files in any medium, such as MS Outlook or browser access) are kept up to date when access via any other medium.

Helpdesk/ Support Services

Having a minor problem and just can't figure it out? Or is your network a little testy? Either way, give us a call. In most instances our IT support staff can provide solutions remotely. If the problem requires a visit, we can be there.

Microsoft 365

Migration to Office 365 can become a basis for forming an effective digital workplace. With it, businesses get a set of robust productivity, collaboration, project management, data analytics, and other tools as well as general benefits of the cloud like flexibility, mobile access, and online document collaboration.
HighTech Backup helps organizations smoothly transit to Office 365 from on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions. Relying on our SharePoint and Office 365 consulting practice, we guide our customers through the entire migration path and ensure that the migrated solution operates appropriately and meets the collaboration expectations of users.

Startup and Relocation

HTB offers a complete package of implementation and design services to create a highly secure and efficient office infrastructure. As a single point of contact, we prevent planning errors that can delay your move or increase construction fees. A project manager and team will be allocated to work with your architect and contractor to ascertain that your project comes in on time and within your budget.

Provide on Site Education

A 2 hour seminar educating users with simple how-to information in the handling of computer equipment and software. We like to term this "preventative care".

Network Integration

Network Set Up (LAN, WAN & WAN networks) We can design and build your entire network -including all client/ server architecture, software, internet, intranet, back up systems, antivirus applications, firewall protection globally or Remotely , configuration and networking of your pc's, laptops, printers.

Mail Server/ Internet Connection

Once your network is fully integrated we can build your company's email server for optimal security and performance, or simply help you get connected to the Internet.

AntiVirus Protection

We can design a new network or simply examine your current infrastructure - and provide a full evaluation, recommending any additional software, applications or preventative measures you may need in order to impart optimal protection to your data.

File Servers

Everyone needs a system that will allow mainstream documents to be shared by all while at the same time keeps confidential documents confidential. And, it is an absolute necessity to have a system in place that will backup important documents and archive data on a daily basis. We can easily install, configure and maintain all your dedicated file servers.

Data Recovery

In case of any computer related emergency, we will provide immediate support in recovering lost files or crashed servers. We can help you recover information, assess the system, find the issue and advise on procedures intended to avoid any potential future recurrence.

Business Software

Making choices between various softwares can be overwhelming. That's why we're here. We can help you assess your IT needs, make educated, economically efficient choices, provide installation, user set up and training and afford you full support throughout.

Business Applications

From applications to manage your warehouse, or inventory to keeping your financial record keeping, to customer relations management programs, we can administer and help you implement the applications to simplify the work process and allow you better controls on your business.

Telephone System & Voice Mail

We can locate the perfect phone system tailored for your business needs. We do the legwork for you, considering needs based on budgetary requirements and usage. We even oversee and assist in the installation of the system and configure it all for you, including voice mail systems, dedicated fax lines and unified messaging systems.

Telephone Lines & System Provider

In need of a long distance and local service provider?
We can help you locate and negotiate the best deal from a verity of providers and can provide a seamless implementations into your new system.

Video Conference/ Conference Calling

We will help your business progress into the technological future by advising the most effective ways to utilize these modern technological advances to bring global companies closer together while providing cost
efficient solutions and substantial company savings by significantly reducing travel expenses.

Security Applications

Security Risk Assessment is often overlooked in small & midsized companies, and can often cost the business hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. An expensive pitfall which can be easily avoided if the appropriate measures are taken. We will assess your entire infrastructure to insure that the quality and effective security measures on all applications, software and hardware are up to and surpass our stringent guidelines. These applications include your firewall, anti virus applications, setting stricter user allowances; limiting access to remote and often unsecured resources, contact security and filtering systems, steadfast security for e-commerce sites. All these integral measures decreases your company's vulnerability to internal and external security failure.

Secure Remote Connection

If you need to work from home or from the road or if you have employees that need access to the office information system and telephone lines. We have several different products that can serve this need and make your business more productive.

Wireless Application

Wireless phones, wireless handhelds, wireless networking. Without wires, information is transmitted through the air waiting to be taken at your own risk. We insure that these newly popular applications are implemented safely and securely. We provide user training to teach your employees about potential vulnerabilities and we set up stringent securities to insure that your company's intellectual property stays safe and secure.

Web Design and Web Hosting

We can design, build, maintain and host your company's website, be it a site providing information only, or an intricate e-commerce site, we have a Webmaster on hand who can get it done.

Voice over IP and Telecom

This category of hardware and software applications enables users to use the internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls. "VOIP" has been used for years and is now being implemented as an efficient technology which can often result in astounding cost savings.

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