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Security Applications


New software vulnerabilities surfaced at a rate of more than seven per day last year, for a total of 2,636 documented vulnerabilities, according to Internet security vendor Symantec Corp. Software vulnerabilities are getting easier to exploit, and hackers are attacking them more quickly.

Symantec's most recent Internet Security Threat Report says that in the second half of 2003, it was alerted to three times as many serious viruses and worms that threatened privacy and confidentiality--the number rose an alarming 519%--since the previous report.

Data breaches are a constant threat and put companies in danger of losing their most valuable asset: customer trust

Security applications are a part of the back office that is often neglected. It is of utmost importance that the company your business chooses to secure your data understands what they are doing. Overlooking the issue of security can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

With HTB you can rest assured you are getting the highest level of security for your company.

HTB provides:

  • Security risk assessment

  • Web-application firewall to help thwart hackers who attack application vulnerabilities.

  • Antivirus and network-firewall software.

  • Vulnerability-scanning tools that detect the security holes used by hackers.

  • Intrusion-detection systems to spot attacks.

  • Steadfast security for e-commerce sites.

  • Updated, stringently enforced security policies.

HTB can conduct an independent risk assessment and implement all major brand-name security appliances as well as customize security and monitoring solutions.

The only backup you need is HTB.

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